A Multipurpose Material

Sandy Clay has many applications because of its component make-up; it is three parts sand and one part clay. Because it can be packed down to create a hard, smooth surface, it is used in horse arenas, horse tracks and Moto-X tracks. It has a hard enough surface to enable racing, yet it soft as to not cause harm to the horses or motocross bikes. The sand component makes it easy to work with the material.

Site Filling & Leveling

Sandy Clay is a great stabilizer material. It has the ability to hold and control the pressure put on it. That’s why it is used in building driveways and walkways. It is also used to fill in holes on properties and level low spots to prevent flooding. We sell sandy clay by the cubic yard. A truckload is 15 - 18 cubic yards. Call or email for a quote today.

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