comar's trucking inc. topsoil
comar's trucking inc. topsoil

The Perfect Soil for Planting

There are many types of soil used for many landscaping uses. The best one for planting everything from plants to vegetables is topsoil. As its name indicates, topsoil is taken from the top layer of the earth, which can be a couple of inches and is the most fertile. It’s different from garden soil you’ll find at your garden center. The differences between the two are color and texture. Topsoil has a dark color and a different texture due to its organic components.

Pricing & Quantity

Pricing for topsoil depends on the delivery location and size ordered. We can deliver topsoil in quantities of 5 - 18 cubic yards per load. To determine how much topsoil you need, you should use this formula: 1 cubic yard covers an area 10′x10′ (100 square feet) to a depth of 3″. If you would like a quote, please send us an email.

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